Claudio Lugli is a fashion house of presence and power, where vibrancy and elegance combine seamlessly to empower the wearer. We believe that fashion should make you feel something, and what makes Claudio Lugli garments so exceptional is their ability to evoke emotion in those who seek exquisite design and craftsmanship.

Our garments are rich in details, engineered to celebrate individuality. We observe fashion as an expression of the wearer’s soul and so we champion brave designs that shatters conventions. Prints are created to animate and energise the wearer’s character, unlocking their personality within. Outfits reflect mood and so all Claudio Lugli shirts are upbeat and daring, unapologetically disruptive, invariably making a statement. After all, empowerment is all about confidence and fashion powerfully reflects that. We strive to create clothing that inspires unparalleled self-belief.

At Claudio Lugli, our garments are designed and made in strictly limited numbers. The quality of every shirt means it will last a lifetime, each one is a narrative with its own unique meaning to its collector. With each piece embodying individuality and heritage, the wearer becomes the champion of their own unique story.